Animal Health

Animal Health

Global version: What makes a Bacillus probiotic...

3,482 views March 07, 2014

The Chr. Hansen-sponsored seminar on Bacillus in livestock production attracted an engaging...

Animal Health

Bacillus in livestock production: Professor...

1,740 views March 07, 2014

Learn about the Bacillus family of probiotics: What are the properties and characteristics of...

Animal Health

Chr. Hansen live from World Dairy Expo 2013

2,106 views October 09, 2013

In this interview, Chris Rhoden, Cattle Product Manager at Chr. Hansen, and John Kurtz, Cattle...

Animal Health

SILOSOLVE® for profitable dairy farming

4,887 views December 19, 2012

Learn about best practice in silage management in this fun and educational clip. We also offer a...

Animal Health

Un buen ensilado - SiloSolve® para una...

2,850 views December 19, 2012

Un buen ensilado tiene extraordinarias características nutricionales.

Animal Health

SiloSolve® – für die profitable Milchwirtschaft

2,667 views December 19, 2012

Eine gute Silage hat einen ausgezeichneten Nährwert.

Animal Health

Why use probiotics in animal production?

8,681 views September 14, 2012

A fun and cartoonish guide to benefits of direct fed microbials (probiotics) supplied by Chr....

Animal Health


3,579 views April 04, 2013

为什么要在动物饲养过程中使用益生菌? 肠道健康对于动物整体健康而言至关重要。 而肠道中的微生物群落在其中起着重要的作用。 In this Chr. Hansen / Evonik...

Animal Health

Chr. Hansen Animal Health & Nutrition...

2,777 views June 25, 2012

Dr. Mark Bertram, of First Choice Livestock, and Bob Lantz, of Chr. Hansen, discuss the...