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First quarter results, 2014/15

3,025 views January 19, 2015

CFO Klaus Pedersen elaborates on the Q1 results

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Chr. Hansen - Our history

2,391 views December 16, 2014

Improving food and health since 1874

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Financial highlights 2013/14

2,968 views October 21, 2014

CFO Klaus Pedersen presents the most important key figures of the year

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CEO Cees de Jong on 2013/14

3,381 views October 20, 2014

Presenting major milestones

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Improving food and health

3,650 views October 19, 2014

A documentary on Chr. Hansen's contribution to a healthier consumer choice.

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Cees de Jong on NATURE’S NO. 1™

4,348 views October 16, 2013

CEO Cees de Jong introduces the NATURE’S NO. 1™ strategy for Chr. Hansen A/S

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Our strategy NATURE’S NO. 1™ at a glance

5,707 views September 03, 2013

Explanation of our strategy – brief and illustrated.

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Cees de Jong - first day as CEO

3,944 views March 19, 2013

Watch video with our CEO, Cees de Jong, on his first day as CEO.

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Our Company - Working Partnership

2,430 views April 27, 2011

When you enter into collaboration with Chr. Hansen, it is more than just an ordinary...