Chr. Hansen and our contribution to the UN...

124 views January 17, 2019

See how Chr. Hansen contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Annatto - A vehicle for economic development

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The video shows how annatto helps to create economic development in the Ivory Coast, by creating...


Reducing food waste

1,213 views October 12, 2018

How bioprotection can reduce yogurt waste by extending shelf life. Chr. Hansen, October 2018


Our collaboration with customers

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Fattorie Osella founded in 1952 is a leading fresh cheese producer. Their core values are based...


Caviro - a circular economy partnership

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At Chr. Hansen we always look to nature for innovative and sustainable solutions. Our natural...


Chr. Hansen and UN Goals

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Reducing food waste with nature's own resources

5,403 views January 08, 2017

How bioprotection can reduce yogurt waste by extending shelf life. Chr. Hansen, January 2017


Sustainability strategy 2020 - the full story

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With our sustainability strategy 2020, we commit to address global challenges.


Sustainability Strategy 2020

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Hear our CEO, Cees de Jong, talk about the sustainability strategy of 2020


Farm to fork

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Behavior based safety

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Knud Vindfeldt, Executive Vice President, Cultures Enzymes talks about behavior based safety