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Natural Colors

Case: Conversion to natural colors in the US

1,148 views October 20, 2015

EVP Joergen Erichsen elaborates on the current trend in the United States

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Strategic highlights 2014/15

1,570 views October 20, 2015

CEO Cees de Jong takes you through some the year's important milestones.

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Financial highlights 2014/15

1,478 views October 20, 2015

CFO Soeren Westh Lonning presents key figures for the financial year of 2014/15.

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Case: The Asia/Pacific region

1,348 views October 20, 2015

Group Vice President Sten Estrup, APAC, gives a status on a strategically important region

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Financial highlights, 9 months 2014/15

3,277 views June 30, 2015

CFO Klaus Pedersen talks you through some of the most important figures of the first nine months.

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First quarter results, 2014/15

2,646 views January 19, 2015

CFO Klaus Pedersen elaborates on the Q1 results