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Food Cultures & Enzymes

Bioprotection helps keep food great!

5,822 views October 26, 2017

Learn about what is good bacteria and what role they play in keeping food great.

Animal Health

SILOSOLVE® for profitable dairy farming

5,545 views December 19, 2012

Learn about best practice in silage management in this fun and educational clip. We also offer a...

Probiotic supplements and infant formula

Artificial Gut - Probiotics

3,088 views November 23, 2011

TIM (TNO Intestinal Model) is an artificial gut that mimics the conditions in the human stomach....

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Fermented Milk

3,542 views April 26, 2011

The clips on this page contain footage from the documentary ‘Microwarriors: The Power of...