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What is it like to be a CEO?

9,721 views February 27, 2017

Cees de Jong reveals what he loves about his job and gives his advices to Sofie Henriksen, MA...


Sustainability Strategy 2020

6,575 views June 29, 2016

Hear our CEO, Cees de Jong, talk about the sustainability strategy of 2020

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Strategic highlights 2014/15

1,841 views October 20, 2015

CEO Cees de Jong takes you through some the year's important milestones.

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CEO Cees de Jong on 2013/14

3,248 views October 20, 2014

Presenting major milestones

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Cees de Jong - first day as CEO

3,808 views March 19, 2013

Watch video with our CEO, Cees de Jong, on his first day as CEO.