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Food Cultures & Enzymes

SALTLITE™ - No compromises, just less salt

2,340 views October 14, 2015

Reduce salt in cheese by up to 50%

Food Cultures & Enzymes

New culture: WhiteClassic (subtitled)

1,212 views June 02, 2015

New Chr. Hansen culture delivers unique characteristics of classic Greek Feta

Food Cultures & Enzymes

SALTLITE™ nominated as Product of the Year

1,199 views October 09, 2014

Presentation video of SALTLITE™ in connection with Product of the Year Award by the Federation of...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Enzymes for cheese - CHY-MAX® M coagulant

4,839 views February 24, 2012

CHY-MAX® M is a cheese coagulant suitable for all cheese types, and has already proven its...