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Chr. Hansen welcomes student as CEO for a day

1,355 views January 30, 2018

On 17 January 2018 Chr. Hansen CEO Cees de Jong welcomed student Christian K. Pedersen as CEO...

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Meet our colleague Jim Holliday

1,407 views June 28, 2017

Want to know what it is like working as a VP of Sales in Chr. Hansen ? Watch the video with Jim...

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What is it like to be a CEO?

9,611 views February 27, 2017

Cees de Jong reveals what he loves about his job and gives his advices to Sofie Henriksen, MA...

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Meet our colleague Adam Baker

1,696 views January 05, 2017

Want to know what it is like working with us? See video interview with Head of Discovery, Human...

Natural Colors


2,236 views December 21, 2016

Watch WHITEWHEY® in Action - an innovative cheese color with less than 3% pigment carryover into...

Natural Colors

Ultra Stable Red™ is the natural solution for...

1,024 views December 20, 2016

“We are very proud to be launching a landmark innovation for red beverages: a range of...

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Financial highlights 2015/16 by CFO Søren Westh...

2,368 views October 25, 2016

CFO Soeren Westh Lonning presents key figures for the financial year of 2015/16.

Plant Health

Nemix C for sugar canes

3,335 views July 11, 2016

Watch how Nemix C, a microbial inoculant for sugar cane, increases growth in natural nematode...

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Chr. Hansen & the global megatrends

1,679 views October 20, 2015

CEO Cees de Jong elaborates on Chr. Hansen's offering vis-à-vis the challenges facing the world...

Natural Colors

Robust and cost saving solution in orange shades

2,371 views September 25, 2015

CAPCOLORS® Orange - very robust to heat-treatment.

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Financial highlights, 1H

3,323 views April 08, 2015

CFO Klaus Pedersen talks you through some of the most important figures of the first half year.

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Cees de Jong on NATURE’S NO. 1™

4,096 views October 16, 2013

CEO Cees de Jong introduces the NATURE’S NO. 1™ strategy for Chr. Hansen A/S