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Probiotic supplements and infant formula

Microbiome is our next generation of probiotics

1,671 views October 17, 2017

New and exciting opportunities are emerging in this breakthrough area

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Science-based, Research-proven

21,353 views January 19, 2017

A short introduction to Chr. Hansen’s science-based, research-proven approach to developing...

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Probiotic perspective

2,688 views May 11, 2016

Chr. Hansen adding perspective to recent study on efficacy of probiotics. May 11, 2016.

Probiotic supplements and infant formula

See how our probiotic drops are made

2,001 views February 29, 2016

Our probiotic drops are a convenient solution for infants and young children - safe, easy to dose...

Probiotic supplements and infant formula

Our 3 USPs - it works, it lasts, it's different

7,675 views January 29, 2016

Add value to your brand with Probio-Tec® probiotics.

Probiotic supplements and infant formula

Hear Eric Johansen talk about Bifidobacterium...

25,223 views November 26, 2015

The BB-12® probiotic strain was introduced to the market in 1985. Today approx. 200 million...

Probiotic supplements and infant formula

The Mothers 1st probiotic soft gel concept from...

1,516 views May 22, 2015

Mother's 1st is a convenient dietary supplement concept for pregnant and lactating mothers. One...

Animal Health

Meet Bea, Bob & Andreas in Chr. Hansen Animal...

17,951 views March 11, 2014

It's the people behind Chr. Hansen Animal Health Nutrition who makes the difference. Their...

Animal Health

Global version: What makes a Bacillus probiotic...

3,816 views March 07, 2014

The Chr. Hansen-sponsored seminar on Bacillus in livestock production attracted an engaging...

Animal Health

Bacillus in livestock production: Professor...

2,029 views March 07, 2014

Learn about the Bacillus family of probiotics: What are the properties and characteristics of...