The world's most sustainable food ingredients company 2020

250 views January 21, 2020

We are grateful for the reinforcement of our position at the top of the world’s most sustainable...

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The Power of Good Bacteria

1,437 views June 03, 2019

Throughout history human curiosity has given us great inventions that have truly transformed...

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Milestones & highlights FY18/19

482 views October 10, 2019

Watch CEO Mauricio Graber talk about milestones and highlights for the financial year 2018/19.

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Thise fights food waste using good bacteria

361 views November 06, 2019

Watch how our long-term partner, Thise Mejeri, works to naturally extend the shelf life of their...


Our collaboration with customers

692 views December 09, 2018

Fattorie Osella founded in 1952 is a leading fresh cheese producer. Their core values are based...


Annatto - A vehicle for economic development

2,330 views April 09, 2018

The video shows how annatto helps to create economic development in the Ivory Coast, by creating...


Caviro - a circular economy partnership

1,239 views January 03, 2019

At Chr. Hansen we always look to nature for innovative and sustainable solutions. Our Natural...

Probiotic supplements and infant formula

Fighting antibiotic resistance with probiotics

79 views November 14, 2019

Did you know that probiotics can improve our food and health, reducing the need for antibiotic...

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From idea to culture

701 views February 21, 2019


Chr. Hansen and UN Goals

3,984 views October 27, 2017

Natural Colors

A brilliant future with Chr. Hansen Natural Colors

1,649 views November 06, 2018

We help FB manufacturers produce more natural and authentic food – for a safe, simple, healthier...

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Nature's No. 1 Sustainably

3,335 views January 22, 2019

Plant Health

Plant Health introduction video

7,394 views March 12, 2018

An introduction to Chr. Hansen Plant Health business and the benefits of microbial solutions in...