Capital Markets Day 2018 Webcast

641 views June 12, 2019

Watch the webcast from our Capital Markets Day 2018 held in London on April 18, 2018.


Milestones & highlights FY18/19

600 views October 10, 2019

Watch CEO Mauricio Graber talk about milestones and highlights for the financial year 2018/19.


CMD 2020 Coffee break with Bacthera

399 views August 13, 2020

Lukas Schüpbach answers questions on the live biotherapeutics industry and Bacthera’s offering to...


CMD 2020 Coffee break with Bioprotection

318 views August 13, 2020

Listen to Laurent Hubert and Peter Thoeysen discuss the market opportunity for bioprotection.


CMD 2020 Coffee break with Fermented Plant Bases

272 views August 13, 2020

Ross Crittenden and Laurent Hubert talk about Chr. Hansen’s new lighthouse in Fermented Plant Bases.


CMD 2020 Coffee break with Human Health

155 views August 13, 2020

Andrew Scorey shares insights into the global probiotics market and our recent acquisitions.


CMD 2020 Coffee break with Plant Health

404 views August 13, 2020

Learn more about sustainable crop farming and how our Plant Health products work from Kim Mueller...


CMD 2020 Coffee break with Sustainability

274 views August 13, 2020

Watch Annemarie Meisling talk about our sustainability ambition and get an overview of our new...


CMD 2020 site tour

628 views August 13, 2020

Interested in learning how we produce our products? Visit one of the world’s largest culture...


CMD 2020 Global Operations

284 views August 21, 2020

Torsten Steenholt, EVP, Global Operations


CMD 2020 R&D

211 views August 21, 2020

Thomas Schäfer, Chief Scientific Officer


CMD 2020 Strategy presentation

656 views August 21, 2020

Mauricio Graber, Chief Executive Officer


CMD 2020 Food Cultures & Enzymes

366 views August 21, 2020

Jacob Vishof Paulsen, EVP, Food Cultures Enzymes


CMD 2020 Health & Nutrition

315 views August 21, 2020

Christian Barker, EVP, Health Nutrition


CMD 2020 Q&A session

328 views August 25, 2020

Watch the recording of the live QA session with the management from August 25, 2020.