Animal Health

Animal Health

Understanding the beneficial effects of...

1,091 views May 04, 2020

A healthy gut is essential for the well-being of livestock. Listen to senior scientist in Chr....

Animal Health

Why microbial resistance is important

34 views August 03, 2020

In this video, Dr. Tomasz Cieplak, a post-doctoral researcher at Chr. Hansen shares his personal...

Animal Health

GalliPro Fit – The Benefits of Innovation

187 views February 25, 2019

Learn more about the benefits of innovation and Chr. Hansen’s triple strain probiotic, GalliPro® Fit

Animal Health

GALLIPRO FIT – The Discovery

412 views April 09, 2019

Learn more about the discovery of our triple strain probiotic, GALLIPRO® FIT

Animal Health

Strains matter

1,865 views May 14, 2018

Filip van Immerseel’s research supports the backbone of Chr. Hansen’s - namely that different...

Animal Health

Gallipro Fit

590 views February 20, 2018

Animal Health

Bioplus YC

791 views February 20, 2018

Swine producer, Kim Kjær Knudsen, tells how Bioplus YC has improved the health of his swine. With...

Animal Health

SiloSolve FC

797 views February 20, 2018

The most innovative inoculant from Chr. Hansen that allows for early opening.

Animal Health

Science-based, Research-proven

23,117 views January 19, 2017

A short introduction to Chr. Hansen’s science-based, research-proven approach to developing...