Animal Health

Animal Health

GALLIPRO® FIT – The Discovery

573 views April 09, 2019

Learn more about the discovery of our triple strain probiotic, GALLIPRO® FIT

Animal Health

Strain matters

2,396 views May 14, 2018

Filip van Immerseel’s research supports the backbone of Chr. Hansen’s - namely that different...

Animal Health


614 views February 20, 2018

Animal Health

Bioplus YC

875 views February 20, 2018

Swine producer, Kim Kjær Knudsen, tells how Bioplus YC has improved the health of his swine. With...

Animal Health


853 views February 20, 2018

The most innovative inoculant from Chr. Hansen that allows for early opening.

Animal Health

Science-based, Research-proven

23,409 views January 19, 2017

A short introduction to Chr. Hansen’s science-based, research-proven approach to developing...

Animal Health

Seven Oaks Dairy Forage Management

1,572 views February 23, 2016

This video shows the process of producing high quality silage at Seven Oaks Dairy in Kaukauna,...

Animal Health

The Silage Challenge

7,850 views December 08, 2014

An amazing time-lapse video clearly demonstrating the effect of using Chr. Hansen's SiloSolve®...

Animal Health

The Great Silage Challenge: SILOSOLVE® FC vs....

12,796 views January 15, 2015

A stunning time-lapse video showing how silage treated SILOSOLVE® FC compares to an untreated...

Animal Health

Why use probiotics in animal production?

10,210 views September 14, 2012

A fun and cartoonish guide to benefits of direct fed microbials (probiotics) supplied by Chr....

Animal Health

Why use a silage inoculant?

5,031 views June 17, 2011

Silage inoculants from Chr. Hansen facilitate control of the fermentation process and help...