Food Cultures & Enzymes

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Small Change, Big Difference with CHY-MAX® Supreme

1,606 views April 03, 2019

Learn more about our latest generation of coagulant, CHY-MAX® Supreme. With up to 1% higher yield...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Superior slicing with CHY-MAX® Supreme

618 views April 03, 2019

Learn more about how our latest generation of coagulant, CHY-MAX® Supreme can enable faster and...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Bioprotection helps keep food great!

8,819 views October 26, 2017

Learn how good bacteria can help keep food great.

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Chr. Hansen’s FRESHQ® cultures have been...

101 views September 05, 2019

Watch Peter Thoeysen, Director in Commercial Development – Dairy Bioprotection, explain how using...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Reducing food waste through long-term partnerships

118 views November 06, 2019

Watch how one of our long-term partners, Thise, works to naturally extend the shelf life of...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

LactoSens®R Assay training video

1,091 views April 23, 2019

Watch the training video to learn how to quantify the residual lactose in low lactose and...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

La ciencia detrás del producto: CHY-MAX® Supreme

1,472 views April 05, 2019

Aprenda cómo CHY-MAX® Supreme trabaja para capturar efectivamente más grasa mientras mejora la...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

DVS Jazz

633 views October 24, 2018

Learn more about JAZZ in this movie.

Food Cultures & Enzymes

How to use FrootZen®

1,031 views September 27, 2018

Practical tutorial to use FrootZen™ on grapes or must for bioprotection

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Instructional video - Easy open F-DVS®

9,126 views May 01, 2017

Chr. Hansen launches new improved packaging material for frozen DVS® cultures.

Food Cultures & Enzymes

SALTLITE™ - No compromises, just less salt

8,278 views October 14, 2015

Reduce salt in cheese by up to 50%