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Animal Health

Understanding the beneficial effects of...

1,881 views May 04, 2020

A healthy gut is essential for the well-being of livestock. Listen to senior scientist in Chr....

Animal Health

GALLIPRO® FIT – The Benefits of Innovation

357 views February 25, 2019

Learn more about the benefits of innovation and Chr. Hansen’s triple strain probiotic, GALLIPRO®...

Animal Health


614 views February 20, 2018

Animal Health

Bioplus YC

875 views February 20, 2018

Swine producer, Kim Kjær Knudsen, tells how Bioplus YC has improved the health of his swine. With...

Animal Health


853 views February 20, 2018

The most innovative inoculant from Chr. Hansen that allows for early opening.

Animal Health

Why use probiotics in animal production?

10,210 views September 14, 2012

A fun and cartoonish guide to benefits of direct fed microbials (probiotics) supplied by Chr....

Animal Health

Why use a silage inoculant?

5,035 views June 17, 2011

Silage inoculants from Chr. Hansen facilitate control of the fermentation process and help...