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CMD 2020 Coffee break with Bioprotection

383 views August 13, 2020

Listen to Laurent Hubert and Peter Thoeysen discuss the market opportunity for bioprotection.

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Keep it great with FRESHQ®

10,861 views November 01, 2017

Learn more about why Bioprotection in Yogurt is so important for you brand. Keep it Great with...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Exploring new oenological horizons with Chr....

185 views January 14, 2022

Ilaria Felluga and Alessandro Sandrin, the winemakers, have been working with VINIFLORA® cultures...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Active and passive bioprotection in winemaking

104 views December 03, 2021

Nicolas Prost from Chr. Hansen talks with the consultant oenologist Stéphane Yerle about his...

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Good bacteria (Portuguese)

954 views July 13, 2018

As bactérias desempenham um papel importante na manutenção de uma boa saúde e podem ser usadas...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

The science behind FRESHQ® food cultures

1,468 views June 29, 2020

Learn more about the science behind FreshQ® food cultures and how they help to protect dairy...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Chr. Hansen’s FRESHQ® cultures have been...

104 views September 05, 2019

Watch Peter Thoeysen, Director in Commercial Development – Dairy Bioprotection, explain how using...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

How to use FrootZen®

1,144 views September 27, 2018

Practical tutorial to use FrootZen™ on grapes or must for bioprotection

Food Cultures & Enzymes

Bioprotection helps keep food great!

9,307 views October 26, 2017

Learn how good bacteria can help keep food great.