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Food Cultures & Enzymes

The Perfect Partner™ for premium, probiotic yogurt

305 views November 16, 2020

With nu-trish® Premium cultures dairy producers can offer luxurious yogurts that give consumers...

Food Cultures & Enzymes

The Perfect Partner™ for luxurious yogurt and a...

398 views November 16, 2020

YoFlex® Premium cultures enable producers to create indulgent taste and texture with fewer...

Human Health & Probiotics

Supplementing our diet with probiotics may...

448 views October 30, 2020

Our immune system responds when our health is challenged by invaders. In this video you can learn...

Human Health & Probiotics

The real LGG® – 100% genome stability for 25 years

526 views August 27, 2020

The real LGG® probiotic strain from Chr. Hansen has remained stable and genomically identical for...

Human Health & Probiotics

If it’s not the real LGG®, it's not really LGG

601 views August 27, 2020

Did you know that only Chr. Hansen provides the real LGG®? In this interview you can learn more...

Human Health & Probiotics

The real LGG®

1,362 views August 26, 2020

Lactobacillus rhamnosus, LGG® is the world’s most documented probiotic strain. Watch this video...

Animal Health

Understanding the beneficial effects of...

1,452 views May 04, 2020

A healthy gut is essential for the well-being of livestock. Listen to senior scientist in Chr....

Animal Health

GalliPro Fit – The Benefits of Innovation

309 views February 25, 2019

Learn more about the benefits of innovation and Chr. Hansen’s triple strain probiotic, GalliPro® Fit


Taking probiotics: The secret weapon against...

7,504 views September 03, 2019

A health economic study published in August 2019 reveals how the health benefits of probiotics...

Animal Health

GALLIPRO FIT – The Discovery

506 views April 09, 2019

Learn more about the discovery of our triple strain probiotic, GALLIPRO® FIT