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Animal Health

Science-based, Research-proven

23,268 views January 19, 2017

A short introduction to Chr. Hansen’s science-based, research-proven approach to developing...

Human Health & Probiotics

See how our probiotic drops are made

3,212 views February 29, 2016

Our probiotic drops are a convenient solution for infants and young children - safe, easy to dose...

Animal Health

Meet Bea, Bob & Andreas in Chr. Hansen Animal...

18,437 views March 11, 2014

It's the people behind Chr. Hansen Animal Health Nutrition who makes the difference. Their...

Animal Health

Bacillus in livestock production: Professor...

2,738 views March 07, 2014

Learn about the Bacillus family of probiotics: What are the properties and characteristics of...

Food Cultures & Enzymes


5,176 views April 16, 2013

The missing link to stronger bones.

Human Health & Probiotics

Probiotics for Dietary Supplements - What is it?

4,316 views February 21, 2013

Well-being and a healthy stomach are important elements of a good life. Probiotics are natural...

Animal Health

Why use probiotics in animal production?

10,180 views September 14, 2012

A fun and cartoonish guide to benefits of direct fed microbials (probiotics) supplied by Chr....